A Proposal for the North Shore

A Golden Glass Cathedral, Glass Boats, an Amphitheatre

and a Masterplan


  1. The Beginning: The Concept and the Competition

  2. The Cathedral as a Multiuse Space and as a Destination

  3. Religious Organization and Cultural Outreach

  4. The Cathedral and the Glass Boats

  5. The Amphitheatre

  6. The Masterplan: The Crescent and Reinforcing Elements

  7. Funding, Revenues, and Economic Impact- The Business Plan

  8. Related Projects in Other Cities

  9. About the Architect and Development Team

  10. The Goldencathedral Giftshop

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                                          :   to experience the televised uplifting Sunday service at the Crystal Cathedral

Frederick M. Winkler Architect

Offices:          The Regional Enterprise Tower,  Suite 1480, Pittsburgh Pa 15219

                        113 Quincy Avenue Pittsburgh Pa 15210  t 412-431-7201 f 412-431-7380 eml winklerfm@aol.com

Modelshop:  The Design Center 5001 Baum Boulevard  Suite 370 Pittsburgh Pa 15213

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