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An Invitation:   to tune in to WQED's ON Q as host Chris Moore finds 

                        the meaning, the music, and the mystery in this proposal. 

                            Monday February 18 at 7:30 pm and 11:30 pm & Tuesday February 19 at 12:30pm

            links to past shows.



                 :  to read an article in the Pittsburgh Business Times, March 8-14,

                           "Architect has designs on Golden Cathedral for North Shore riverfront"



                       :   to experience the uplifting televised Sunday Service at the Crystal Cathedral

                           in Garden Grove California, The Hour of Power by Robert H. Schuller and his

                           his son, Robert A. Schuller tune in at 7:00am on Channel 11.

                          You can also go the   website and view past videos of sermons

                          and guest interviews or download printable messages. 


                           The site allows you to sign up for the daily hope filled email messages and announcements.


                           The giftshop offers the powerfilled books of Dr. Schuller  and other authors, 

                           music CDs, and other fine items


                           To see still pictures of the 3000 seat Crystal Cathedral go to section of this proposal

                           Related Projects in Other Cities




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The next event this month will be the opening of the space at the Regional Enterprise Tower

for the viewing of the models.  Time and date will be shown on this page and on the email list

which you can join by emailing the architect at