V. The Amphitheatre


Concept: A gathering space integrated with the scale, order, and program of the adjacent Cathedral is formed by running three golden cables over a steel and glass triangle on axis with the fountain. The cables span the road and reach for something greater, become golden streaks of light shooting toward and emanating from the fountain, and form a new perspective civic space of great power. The image of these golden strands and the triangle is also one of an instrument with the cables being like strings running over the fret, and the ensemble becomes an appropriate metaphor for an amphitheatre.



Scheme: Three golden cables extend from the extreme ends of the footprint and pass over and attach to the 175 foot sided equilateral triangle thus stabilizing the structure against horizontal forces. The triangle is constructed from two 175 foot triangular steel trusses sheathed in glass and stainless steel thus giving depth to the truss and creating reflections, streaks of light, and colored transparent shadows which convey the mystery of God found in the Cathedral structure.

The footprint is established in astroturf which adds a friendly urbanity and lengthens the seasonal use.

Inscribed in the astroturf are ellipses which both recall the notes of a musical chart and also mark the seating positions. Sweeping lines in combination with parallel yard lines recall both a sheet of music and a football field and make for a beautiful and soft surface on which to sit or play.






The street edges of the amphitheatre are defined by 8 foot angled gold reflective glass which serves as a boundary, allows views in and out, and serves as a framework for food and selling booths during large events.


  Two more kiosks sit at the northern street boundary and  serve as ticket booths and also as concessions.


  A stainless steel circulation path defines an inner boundary holding 2800 persons and using the Cathedral as the boundary allows an audience of 5000.


The stage cantilevers over the road and can play to the park and an even larger audience. The crescent form encircling the amphitheatre and Cathedral will also allow the audience to grow beyond the feeding of the 5000 music souls.

Program:  The programs of the Cathedral and amphitheatre will reinforce each other and allow for overflow.




  The large screens which face the space and the river in both the amphitheatre and the Cathedral will allow major events to happen in combination.


Fabric can also be stretched in infinite combinations from the major truss to form backrounds for concerts and plays or to achieve full enclosure. Full enclosure is likely not necessary since when inclement weather comes an outside concert can move indoors to the 3000 seats of the Cathedral.





Shown at left is fabric stretched with the Steeler logo for a pregrame rally.



Uses: Concerts, recreation, pregame rallies, wedding receptions, large events combining the Cathedral and Amphitheatre.

Lighting: The amphitheatre stage will be a combination of solid and translucent material. At night the major truss, the stage, and the cables will be made to luminesce and enliven the space and the North Shore.

Performance Aspects: Special Stage Hydraulics similar to that of the Cathedral will allow sets to move from a lower level to the stage making the amphitheatre one of the most flexible and functional of exterior performing spaces.

A secure performer and VIP arrival area is directly adjacent to the stage and the Cathedral with direct access off the river road.

The performer holding areas and dressing rooms are below stage without the need for temporary holding structures that many facilities require.

The configuration of the stage cantilevering over the road and stepping down toward the green space establishes several levels to play to large and small audiences.


A separate small triangular stage is integrated with the integrated with the 75ft triangular light structure and designed for small gatherings.