IV. The Cathedral and the Glass Boats

The Golden Cathedral would be similar in scale to the Crystal Cathedral in California which also seats 3000. The photograph of the massing model shows that the scale of the Cathedral would be in harmony with the new Steelers stadium. The geometry of the Stadium with its upper seating deck at 30 degrees and its outbound gold supporting struts at 60 degrees relates in the river elevation to the 60 degree angle of the planes of glass of the Cathedral. Because the planes of glass are set at 60 degrees they will reflect the sky and always appear bright unlike many glass structures which reflect darker buildings around them. The scale of the awesome planes of glass and the 200 foot trusses reflect the beauty and power of God and the work, strength, and faith of our forebears.

The spirituality of the space will come from the concept of the layering of planes and prismatic volumes of glass, the siting on axis with the fountain, the awesome volume of space, and the golden light and golden transparent shadows mixed with prismatic light. The concept of the layering of prismatic volumes will be carried into the details with edges of the 90ft major prismatic door volumes be made of prisms which will cast rainbow spectrums adding to the mystery, symbolism, and beauty of the space. The square plan, denoting universality, produces square side planes and a pure prismatic volume with every edge of the space equal in length. The 90 foot glass doors will be operable, opening the front wall of the Cathedral and making the gesture to the fountain and Mt. Washington even more powerful and allowing for high drama. The 90ft doors also combine with operable windows and a roof ridge vent to form a natural ventilation system negating the need for air conditioning and creating true green architecture.



The interior lacework of trusses and the exterior edges of the Cathedral will offer points of attachment so that fabric can be stretched for shading on the interior or to form covered spaces on the courtyards.






The glass boats share the same prismatic form as the Cathedral and become part of the larger urban design scheme by shuttling people swiftly between satellite parking and the North Shore. As a floating chapel space for 75, the boats may become popular for Sunday services, meetings, and weddings on the water. A large electronic screen in the Cathedral and a smaller one in the boats will connect the two spaces to each other and to events and conferences in other parts of the world.