VI. The Masterplan: The Crescent & Reinforcing Elements


Goal: The master plan should relate to the larger ideas of the transformation of the city with the philosophy¡­¡­¡­¡­that the North Shore should be about the development of the individual and the building of people not just places. The places of spiritual wellbeing in word and music, namely the Cathedral and amphitheatre, and the places of physical well being, namely the public fields and stadia come together for the individual along with the place of science, the places of work, and the places of entertainment. The basic desires to meet, to learn, to compete, and to interact with our Creator can come together in the structures and exterior spaces we choose to build within a sports theme for the area from the Sixth St. bridge to West End bridge.
















Concept: The major gathering spaces orient to the water and the city and reinforce each other spacially, socially, and economically. Major axes of the spaces and of circulation paths orient on the fountain and tie the North Shore to the Point and to the North Side. Extensions of these axes align with and tie the North Shore to elements on Mt. Washington. Major dynamic arc forms in plan and section relate to both the vocabulary of the road movement cutting through the site and to the sweeping forms of the bridges and to the fields they wrap. The concept of the city where the low buildings occur at the water and rise to inner streets is continued on the North Shore. The major sweeping stepped and crescent forms allow for light and view and relate to each other. The street grid imposed on the site is spanned by buildings and circulation bridges creating the idea of portals and heightening the spacial experience of traveling through the site. The building forms express unity and freedom and break boundaries as they reach for the sky and water. In program, active public and participatory sports related spaces become part of all buildings which face onto the water.





The Crescent: The Golden Cathedral and the amphitheatre are encircled by a crescent form to create another major gathering space along the river. This unifying crescent form could be achieved in part by building on the remaining foundations of Three Rivers Stadium. The sweeping arcs slid to form the crescent follow the curve of the elevated roads and also relate to the sweeping forms of the bridges and the three proposed stepped buildings. The historic home plate and third base line of Three Rivers Stadium can be seen in the model. An axis from home plate thru center field defines where a circle is sliced to form the Golden Crescent. This axis also opens and preserves near and distant views from the expansive eastern atrium lounge of the Steeler stadium which faces and integrates with the crescent.
















The program of the crescent might be similar to that of the Metreon in San Francisco, a family entertainment center with 15 movie screens, an omnimax theatre, specialized retail, and restaurants. An alternative program might include a mixed use of hotel, condos, office, day care, classroom, and conference space with retail and restaurants, and lunch and dinner clubs such as the Allegheny Club. The crescent form expands to the rear with parking for 2000 cars and potential for 3400 cars and connects to the eastern pedestrian ramp of the new Steelers stadium.









   2000 car garage














The Public Fields


Further west near the West End Bridge is shown

a baseball field wrapped by office space/hotel/housing and


a football/soccer field with 8 running lanes, seating for 4500, and a 1500 car garage.

The track could be open for public training or recreational running and may become an attraction for those working or living or attending a convention in the downtown. Smaller meets could occur here on weekends attracting athletes from other parts of the country. A spine of cafes, health clubs, and sports theme activities could occur at the top of the seating and the circulation could extend to the baseball complex. The astroturf fields would extend the seasonal use of the spaces.

The extension of the track is a long pier on axis with the fountain at the Point, connecting to the curved water walk of the Science Center and integrating the western North Shore in a powerful way.





An example of a visually beautiful and highly used field and track integrated with a parking garage and sports complex is the one at Carnegie Mellon.








The Golf, Baseball, Skating, and Aqua Center with an integrated light rail stop.

The netted golf driving range will also serve as a batting cage. A double layered skating and running track will span and activate the street.  The Aqua Center will feature the only 50m deep water Olympic pool in the region.


Climbing walls and other extreme sports activities will also occur.





 An example of an urban netted driving range is the tiered Golf Club at Chelsea Piers,

 the 30 acre,  $120 million sports village located on four piers on the lower Hudson.







Program Elements of the Masterplan  



Sports Library

with caf¨¦ below









with caf¨¦ below.



Retail/with caf¨¦ and sports related

functions at water.

Basketball, weight lifting,

gymnastics, dance.

Floorplates 80ft x 350= 28,000sf allow great flexibility.



Similar to the idea of "the bridge climb"in Sydney harbor in Australia, a "building climb" will enable people to climb the stairs within the curved edge to public observation, sports clubs, and cafes at the peak. The curved edge will sweep over the park and water to become sitting and viewing areas and boat race starting points.



Tailgate surface parking in T shaped area defined by highways.  Parking would be planted with trees to create a canopy from below and a sea of green as seen from the highways.




Pedestrian path to North Side, West Park, and the Aviary.


Path is on axis with the fountain and may be elevated over or sunk below road crossings and will become an 8 lane rubber running track as it approaches the water. Sprints will be held prior to games and become a tailgate event. The track may then project over the water as a runners gathering space.


Program Elements of the Masterplan











  Axis of existing road



 Suggested extension of existing road to improve  vehicular circulation and form grand tree lined boulevard integrated with new science center park


  3600 car intermodal garage with connection to the western pedestrian ramp of the new Steeler Stadium








Science Center Expansion with science park between intermodal garage and Science Center.

This proposal for expansion consists of 5 drum forms equal in diameter to the existing omnimax theatre.

The five drums form the Olympic symbol in plan thus relating to the sports exhibits within and with the overall masterplan concepts and building vocabulary. The park could continue the drum vocabulary with a a series of circular earth mounds and other radial segments, structures, and plantings.


Each drum roof and the exterior of the drums facing the river could be treated or sliced in unique ways

for view, to reflect the plan within, to filter light, and to form and frame large scale elements

on the elevation as shown in this project for the Capital of Bangladesh by Louis I. Kahn architect.